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Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

Today I can start with our old saying, from our ancestors who lived by the sea and from the sea. It goes: „When God sails then man does not sail“. This would mean that when the weather is bad (and that is when God sails), it is better for man to be at home and not go to the sea. In other words, the sea should be respected. We, who live at the sea, know this, but people who come to sail occasionally and do not live here, they do not really know how cruel the sea can be if it is not respected. So, respect the sea.

The Adriatic sea is deeply inducted into the European continent and it is one of the most beautiful seas in the world and ideal for sailing and enjoying with a boat. The sea with a thousand islands and an indented coast both represent a whole that is rich with natural and historical beauties. In this area and on these sailing routes, cities such as Pula, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Dubrovnik and others rose in the distant past along with other cities in this part of Europe with rich natural heritage, and they not only represent the European, but also the international historical heritage.

Unique Croatian islands, a thousand islands, islets and cliffs, are true gems for sailors and they hide still unexplored parts that constantly engage our curiosity. If I tried to list everything here, there would be no end. I will mention only some of them, which you should visit if your trip brings you here, which are, from the north to the south: Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab ... and now I will skip a bit ... and then Dugi otok, Kornati, Murter, Brač, Hvar, Vis, Korčula, Mljet, ... we will stop here so we do not to go Greece J, ... and many others that I have not listed here. Each of them individually carries a special secret to be explored. You can guess, the most effective way to explore is to rent a sailboat, a catamaran, a gulet, or a motor boat and sneak up in silence to one of them; on either side surprise it and listen to what secret he hides.

Finally, I recommend what you should see first, which is NP Kornati. Kornati is a true paradise for sailors and the Kornati archipelago has about 140 islands, islets and cliffs and is a unique island group in the whole Mediterranean. Renting a sailboat and not visiting Kornati would be a real shame, and especially if you are a gourmet, because the offer of Kornati restaurants is something really special, something that you should definitely try. There are various dishes prepared primarily from fresh fish caught locally by local fishermen, seafood, and also meat dishes - the Kornati lamb, which is a real specialty - "lamb under the baking lid". You have to try this!

"On the last day of Creation, God wanted to crown his work and created Kornati from tears, stars and breath," wrote Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw.